Effective Natural Ways to deal with Acne

Acne is a concerning condition which affects most individuals irrespective of their region or race. This is a condition wherein small boils known as pimples are seen on the face. These pimples usually occur on cheeks, chins, forehead and nose, etc. It is believed that the condition usually occurs during the transition phase from teen age to puberty. This is because hormonal fluctuations are high during this phase. Sometimes acne may also occur due to increased body heat or clogging of pores on the facial skin. This condition drastically affects your. Hence, majority of individuals seek effective ways to treat acne. Here are some natural and helpful ways in which you can get rid of acne.

Do not pop or rub your acne:

Popping or rubbing a pimple may aggravate the condition. This causes increased amount of sebum to be produced and may also rupture that membrane under your skin. Popping pimples can cause the sebum as well as the infection to spread beneath your skin.  This may lead to more amount of pimples occurring on the face. Picking acnes may also cause scars, which remains for long.

Face wash:

Wash your face two times daily using acne specific soaps. These are soaps that are designed to kill pimples and provide you a clearer face. Use these soaps to wash your face after waking up in the morning and before going to bed. Do not wash your face too frequently as it may also cause increased sebum secretion. While you are washing your face ensure you apply gentle pressure and then pat dry your face with clean towel every time.

Eating habit:

While you are suffering from acne it is essential that you supply your body with foods that may not cause heat in your body. First and foremost avoid eating too much of oily food. Try consuming curd which can suppress body heat. You can also apply curd on your face directly and leave it for sometime. Curd has antibacterial properties which can help in reducing acne. You should also avoid eating red meat and other non vegetarian items.

Drink water:   

It is suggested that one should consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will maintain dehydration of your body as well as skin and ensure its healthful state. Water is an effective antioxidant and can evacuate toxins from your body.

No chemical:

There are many products that carry harmful chemicals. Unless it is extremely crucial do not use any cosmetic on your skin. Avoid wearing makeup as much as possible or you may aggravate the condition. Even if you wore makeup ensure that you wash your face surely before going to bed.


Men should use fresh and sterilized blades for shaving. Also ensure that the shaving lotion that you use is not harmful. There are herbal shaving lotions available in the market which will reduce chances of skin affects.

If your acne is not alleviating even after rigorous efforts consider consulting a dermatologist which will surely be of some help.

May 8, 2013 at 10:10 am

Tips to Avert Breast Cancer

Breast cancer chance can be defined as an opportunity to be affected by your breast cancer this also risk can be higher for Women as can rival men effortlessly due to selected reasons like women have far more developed along with well produced breasts hence the risk is a bit more for them to enjoy the abnormality in different part of the chest as there are a variety of breasts in fact it is known as soon as the name of these part where it develops similar to if it expands in the tubes it is called ductal carcinoma then when it takes place from the lobules it is known as lobular carcinoma.

It would not be identified that through which age a girl can get cancers of the breast, however as outlined by studies potential risk of getting cancers of the breast is larger for elderly women somewhat and especially whenever they become fat in that get older the risk turns into higher in order that they are advised to management their body pounds in this get older. The risk of cancers of the breast is not possible for you to eradicate fully, but it might be reduced by subtracting certain safety measures such as

Managing Diet Plan

Eating habits plays a huge role in every one’s life in the same manner women wellbeing is afflicted with the diet that they eat. Cancers of the breast risk is owned by the diet consequently women should modify their diet plan to minimize their probability of breast cancer. Extra fat rich dishes are harmful to health insurance increases cancers of the breast risk at the same time so Women should stay away from to consume the dietary plan rich in body fat and they ought to include the vegetables and fruits into their eating habits so that themselves get electricity and the body’s defense mechanism becomes better to overcome the cancers of the breast and other conditions as well.

Exercise Regularly

Workout is beneficial for most human beings to be healthy in fact it is associated with cancers of the breast risk at the same time because as outlined by various reports it leads to reduce the risk of cancers of the breast so each lady should prepare exercise involving 30 minutes every day at least to scale back the risk of staying attacked with the breast cancer.

Stop Consuming Alcohol

Booze contributes to improve the risk of staying attacked with the disease consequently even their minimal volume should be definitely avoided to be on your safe part. Studies have shown that females who ingest even nominal amount of booze increase their probability of being mauled by the ailment.

Say No to tobacco

Smoking can be hazardous for you to health mainly because it affects the complete health and turns into the cause of not simply lungs cancers, but also cancers of the breast as well it is essential to leave the idea for the sake of minimizing breast cancer chance and maintain all-around health.

Take Care of your Breasts

Women need to be chest aware as a way to take good care of chests because they recognize well with regards to their breasts which enable it to feel the chest changes rapidly. Regular home examination enlightens chest awareness of as well as they can participate in a vital role.

May 1, 2013 at 10:14 am

Get Rid Of Dandruff and Get a Nourished Scalp

Dandruff is nothing but dead cells on the scalp peels off in excess cause of some reasons it is also known as scurf. Dandruff mostly is the outcome of regular revelation to very hot sun or cold. Even if it is normal for the skin, it sometimes has a bad effect on scalp and results in to receiving terrible dandruff. Keratinocytes plays a very important role; it produces and put across immunological result in dandruff formation. Dandruff is very ordinary disorder affecting almost half of the population while they reach their maturity stage. Dandruff causes itchy scalp. In some religion, dandruff is considered as disappointing thing.

Some important reasons of receiving dandruff:

Some misapprehensions like; you will receive dandruff if you have a dry scalp. So those who having those misconceptions don’t wash their hair regularly thinking that shampoo will make their skin more dry but here dandruff causes mainly because of oily skin and scalp which needs a regular wash.

Oiliness is the main reason of receiving dandruff; moreover, recent research has proven that dandruff is more connected with the Seborrheic dermatitis. This is created by excessive presence of pityrosporum ovale; a yeast type bacteria present in less numbers in dandruff less head and if they increases then they cause oiliness of Seborrheic dermatitis these organisms causes dandruff high in quantity.

Because of high stress and if you don’t eat proper diet you will receive dandruff. In addition, seasonal changes may cause you dandruff. In some cases if skin gets over oiled then too, it happens.

Some effective measures to control dandruff:

Wash your hair with anti dandruff shampoo every day: wash your hair every day with the anti dandruff shampoo so that it will help you to keep your scalp clear and reduce your dandruff.

Change your shampoo: if your shampoo doesn’t giving, proper results then change it with some good antidandruff shampoo which contains zinc which will help you in reducing the dandruff.

Keep changing you shampoo: If you using some anti dandruff shampoo and after certain period if it doesn’t give a proper result; like you expecting it might be working before, but suddenly if you start getting dandruff back. Then your shampoo is not responsible, because after certain period you develop resistance or say your skin becomes immune to that shampoo so keep using three brands of shampoos. Keep changing shampoo every month so your dandruff won’t come back.

Foam two times:  in first wash shampoo will rinse off your dandruff, therefore to make your scalp clean and reduce the oil which creating the dandruff wash your hair twice with the anti dandruff shampoo.

Use tar shampoos: if your normal shampoo is not working then try to get a tar shampoo which will effect more early. However, it has its own side effects like it stinks a lot and sometimes irritates skin.

Apply rinse: do rinse your tar shampoo clearly and apply lemon juice or conditioner to your hair to make your hair smell less and to make them soft, as many anti dandruff shampoos make hair go rough so applying conditioner is a good idea.

Rinse off your sweat: sweat is the main reason to get dandruff so keep your hair clean by washing off sweat.

April 25, 2013 at 9:15 am

Lemon-A Universal Favorite Fruit

Lemon is the universal favorite fruit. Lemon is like must in the kitchen. Lemon has two colors. Unripe lemons are green in color and when lemon gets ripe then it turns into yellow. Lemon is the most widely used fruit all over the world.

My uncle loves to put some lemon juice daily on the food. Without lemon he can’t eat food even. I think it’s a good habit of him. Lemon can be taken easily in so many ways. Lemon water is the most popular way to have lemon. Also you can put lemon in food and in salads and also you can mix lemon with other juices also.

Lemon is an easily available, inexpensive fruit. Because of various nutrients in lemon, it’s quite helpful to take care of your health. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. Also lemon contains other nutrients like riboflavin, vitamin B and minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus etc.

Let’s talk about the nutrition value of lemon. 100gm of lemon contains 50mg vitamin C, 40mg calcium, 9gm protein, 9gm carbohydrates etc. See the nutrition value and just imagine the health benefits of lemon.

Lemon can be mixed with so many other juices to treat various health problems at home. Lemon is helpful for digestion problems. Mix a lemon in a glass of water and drink it early in the morning for better digestive health.

Lemon also acts as a natural antiseptic because of its acidic properties. Lemon can kill harmful bacteria which makes it an antiseptic agent. You can use lemon for minor cuts only. Don’t use it for major cuts and infections.

Lemon juice is also helpful to overcome urinal tract problems. Lemon juice helps our body to shed unwanted water which leads to overcome urinary tract problems.

April 23, 2013 at 9:41 am

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