If you Love Junk Food…. You can still keep up your health

April 19, 2013 at 9:49 am

In today’s world, almost every third person is becoming health conscious. One who is seeking a good health and a toned body have to maintain with his diet and exercises. As the world has become very much busy and people even don’t have time to cook a healthy food, it all comes to Junk food; it is served immediately and keeps your stomach full for long time. However, here we forget eating of such food; we are harming our health by our own hand. Expecting today’s generation to cook healthy food for them is almost futile. It is not easy to keep yourself away from the fatty food such as fries and burgers.

Even if fast food chains serve fatty food; there are certain ways applying which you can keep yourself healthy and fit:

  • Normally vegetables are healthier or say less fatty than the meat. So when you drop in to fast food center do choose to eat salads or macaroni salads which are a bit healthier than the other meaty food. Yes, they might are garnished by some fatty sausages but at least you will be able to keep yourself away from the saturated fats from the meat.
  • If you planning to eat burger then try to reduce the garnishing of sausages as they are the one who contains lots and lots calories. When you will get to know the calories contained by mayonnaise, muster and cheese, you will wonder that these just sausages contain so high calories. And if you want to garnish your burger more then try some veggies like tomato and cucumber it will make you lot of difference.
  • While having your meals try to avoid the thirst of soft drinks and floats instead of that use water to satisfy your thirst. And if you really willing to drink something along with the food then try to get the smallest cup of soft drink. Having in lesser amount makes, you stay healthy more. Many a times you can also replace your soft drinks with the fresh and pure fruit juices that will add up to your healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep changing your restaurants like cafeteria of your office or some other restaurants if you daily eat food at fast food centers. This habit may help you to explore new restaurants and you may get some healthier menu there. It will also help you to understand your exact healthy taste.
  • Remember the whole grain products and less processed food is always good for health. So if your fast food center offers a whole wheat bread, go with that. For example putting fried veggies in your burger like fried onion is not as healthy as raw onion.
  • Technique of cooking is also important. Fast food centers normally make fried food items which contains lot of oil and so harmful for your health. So go for boiled food items which you may not get in the fast food center. Never the less you will at least get baked items there so go for those food items that will make you gain less calories.

If you have habit of eating ice-creams after having meals go for the smaller one. Lesser you eat more you will find yourself healthy. Ice-creams and brownies are sugary items have them rarely to reduce your calorie count.


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