Occupational Hazards and long term effects

March 14, 2013 at 9:19 am

Every occupation has some kind of hazards associated with it. The term occupational hazard is a self explanatory word that suggests about possible health adversities and dangers that an occupation may involve. One should take sufficient and efficient measures to ensure self safety as well as reduced risk of health diseases. Men who work at mines or other chemical organization are more susceptible to health issues which are considered as occupational hazards. It is also the organization’s duty to ensure as much safety measures as they can. There are 5 different types of occupational hazards explained in this article.

Physical Hazards:
Physical occupation hazards may happen due to direct exposure to heat which may cause burns. On the other hand exposure to extremely cold temperature may also cause physical hazards. Increased heat also leads to issues such as strokes, cramps, increased fatigues, reduced concentration and increased rates of accidents. Hence, there should be appropriate measures taken to ensure that such adversities are avoided. There are other physical hazards affects such as eye pain, lachrymation congestion of cornea and other ocular impairment. Such ocular issues are usually caused by light or poor illumination of light. Extreme noise at workplace may cause physical hazards such as hearing loss, hearing disabilities ear pain etc.

Chemical Hazards:
Chemical is used in almost all industries in some or the other manner to some or the other extent. Chemical may prove to be dangerous and causes health issues which we know as chemical hazards; this is one of the kinds of occupational hazards. The harmful chemicals may work in either of three ways, either by local action or by inhalation or through ingestion. The effects cause would directly depend on the type of chemical to which you were exposed, the duration of the exposure and the susceptibility of the individual. Local action of chemical would cause scar, eczema or other external effects, while inhalation and ingestion cause internal effects which may be have long term influence on the body.

Biological hazards:
In many industries workers are exposed to biological hazards such as parasitic agents, viruses and other harmful agents. These harmful biological agents may probably cause issues such as brucellosis, anthrax, hydatidosis, psittacosis, fungal infection and tetanus. People who are mostly exposed to biological hazards may include people who work among animal and animal products such as wool, hides etc.

Mechanical Hazards:
Mechanical hazard as the name suggests is the occupational hazard which is more evident in place where heavy machinery are used for performing works. This kind of hazards mostly include injuries due to machines etc. it is recorded that approximately 10% of accidents in industry happens due to machines which is nothing but mechanical hazards. These injuries may also have permanent effects such as broken or imputed limbs, scar etc. Such injuries may sometimes be fatal.

Psychological hazards:
Psychological effects is not only attributed to just one industry but it can be experienced in any industry, extreme workload, stress, frustration etc, may have psychological effects on a worker. The effects of psychological hazards may include hostility, aggressiveness, irritation, aggressiveness depressive mind state, etc. A person may also try to find his relief in illegal drugs, alcohol and smoking etc.


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