Unintended results of Antibiotics

February 19, 2013 at 9:31 am

Antibiotics are the medications that are prepared from the microorganisms stain to kill the bacterial infections. Like other medications Antibiotics also have the side effects, but they are bit serious. That’s why I would suggest all the readers to always consult the doctor before using the antibiotics. When we suffer with infections we generally take the medications that doctor has prescribed us last time or just surf the internet get the information and buy the medicines. This is where we make the mistake and get prone to the hazardous side effects of the antibiotics because we cannot judge that which infecting microorganisms are affecting your health. So, we take wrong medicine and suffer with the side effects instead getting cured.

The side effects caused by antibiotics may vary from person to person and considerably are dependent on the overall health status of the individual. Sometimes even deaths are being reported due the excessive intake of antibiotics or by taking wrong antibiotics for diseases. So, you must always make it a point to consult the doctor before you take antibiotics. The antibiotic infection is only confirmed after the laboratory tests. You need to undergo the step wise laboratory tests to understand that which bacterial infection you are suffering with. Then only you should take the medicines. If you don’t follow this routine then you are bound to suffer with the side effects of the antibiotics.

Here are some side effects of the antibiotics.

  • The most hazardous side effect of antibiotics is it supports the growth of infection rather by killing it. This happens when you take wrong antibiotic for the infection treatment. You can avoid this type of mistake by consulting with the doctor before taking the medication.
  • If you continue to take the antibiotic in excess which is not suitable for your body then it may result into the sudden cardiac failure or even coma. Deaths have been reported in such cases of antibiotics side effects.
  • Remember that antibiotics react with the other medications so please inform your doctor about it. If you don’t do so then you are high risk of drug interactions. This may result into any type of abnormalities; few noted earlier are heart stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Alcohol or smoking must be controlled otherwise it may lead to increase in the side effects. You may suffer with the nausea and frequent vomiting at first which may later on result into the other serious health complications.
  • Diarrhea is noted to be most common side effect of antibiotic. This happens as our body is not accustomed to the antibiotic. Generally this side effect subsides as the body gets acclimatized with the antibiotic dosage, but if the condition gets severe stop taking the antibiotic.
  • Respiratory problems occur when you take the antibiotics, you may even face the problem in breathing. This problem if get serious contact the doctor immediately.
  • Allergic reactions such as rashes on the skin occur very rarely, but if they persist you need to stop the medication immediately to stop future disorders.
  • Headache and upper digestive upset are noted in many cases after the antibiotic intake. This happens as the antibiotic agents promote the antibiotic production for this it puts the stress on body that results in this type of side effects.
  • Fungal infections of the mouth, digestive tract and vagina can also occur with antibiotics because they destroy the protective ‘good’ bacteria in the body.
  • Never take the antibiotics if you are allergic to it. This may result to the severe health hazards and may damage your health permanently.

These are the side effects of antibiotics; you need to consult the doctor always before taking the antibiotics.


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