Essentiality of Acupressure therapy

February 13, 2013 at 10:36 am

Acupressure is the form of recovery which keeps the stress on key points within the body to promote the body’s natural self-curative capabilities. Today it is an effective therapy for relief of stress ailments and for improving the immune system.

Along with acupressure you are using the same stress points that traditional Chinese medicine uses. The only differences with the traditional Chinese medicine needles are placed on the body, whereas with acupressure it is only simply finger stress. When these acupressure factors are stimulated whether it is by finger stress or with needles they release muscle tension and circulation of blood which is required to aid healing.

Acupressure treatment can help people to reduce stress, increase energy levels; raises blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxic wastes, boost the feeling of well-being and reduce labor pains.

Additional problem such as joint disease, back pain, sciatica, inability to conceive, sinus and difficulty in breathing, and snoring problems can also be helped with this ancient traditional Chinese medicine. These are merely a few things which acupressure has been used for today.

The entire concept behind acupressure as well as acupuncture and also other treatments such as Shiatsu and reflexology are based on the concept of an individual’s energy, or existence force. This is a perception system that an existence force which is also referred to as chi moves through the body together pathways called meridians. According in order to traditional Chinese medicine there are twenty meridians across the body. It can also be believed that a prevent the flow of one’s is what results in soreness and disease. By pushing the correct point you’re releasing the obstructed energy and reducing the symptoms.

Shiatsu is really a therapy which literally indicates finger pressure and it is very similar to acupressure. But it is not only fingers which can utilize pressure, thumbs are also typical and even knuckles, palms, arms and even feed may be used. The amount of pressure as well as duration will vary with respect to the ailment. Sometimes just a few seconds are needed, other times a few minutes are essential.


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