Protect yourself from Hay fever

June 18, 2011 at 6:56 am

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, leads to cold-like indications for instance a dripping nose, congestion, and sneezing as well as sinus pressure. But as opposed to a cold, hay fever is not the result of a virus. Hay fever is brought on by an allergic reaction to outdoor or indoor contaminants, such as plant pollen or dust mites. Hay fever is a very common variety of fever. Lots of people have symptoms all round the year. For other people, hay fever symptoms worsen at specific times of the year, like summer.

Although hay fever can start at all ages, you will probably build it up during childhood or early adulthood. It is common for the harshness of hay fever reactions to alter through the years. For most of us, hay fever symptoms often diminish slowly, often over decades.

Hay fever signs and symptoms usually start soon after you’re exposed to a particular allergy-causing compound and may include any of the following:

1.      Drippy nose and sinus congestion

2.      Watery or even itchy eyes

3.      Itchy nose, roofing of mouth or even throat

4.      Sinus stress and facial discomfort

5.      Reduced sense of smell or flavor

The causes of hay fever are mentioned above and include some pollens and chemicals. It is thereby evident what the risk factors might be; like living in or near a farmhouse or working in an environment that is allergen rich. Other factors that can put a person t risk are asthma, family history of allergies, and long time passive smoking. Men are more prone to hay fever.

The very best hay fever treatment methods are to prevent the substances that create your reaction. However, it’s not always possible, and you’ll need additional treatments together with ways of prevent the exposure. Over the counter pill and prescribed medications are always good cures for hay fever.


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