Why fruits and vegetables are the best bet for healthy skin?

January 1, 2011 at 8:56 am

There is a phrase ‘Health is Wealth’, which emphasizes the need of good health. Unfortunately humans have virtually forgotten about the real importance of health. With hectic lifestyle and inappropriate dietary habits, many people fight to keep themselves healthy and fit. Any negligence toward health and having improper diet affects skin too. Moreover, it is necessary to grant preference to healthy foods over fast foods. As an example, an effective diet with fruits and vegetables juices is the greatest way to keep body healthy and free of harmful chemicals. Thus to be healthy, skin needs a regular and well-balanced supply of nutrients. Similarly, a few of the vegetables and fruits that are beneficial for the health are listed below:

–        To prevent constipation, oranges, rich in Vitamin C, are the most useful choices. Moreover, they act as purifiers to improve skin, and turn the immune system stronger.

–        Carrots, one of the best sources of beta carotene, loaded with vitamin A, are good for eyes. It contains anti-cancer properties too. Each morning, drinking carrot juice before eating anything provides extensive health benefits. It contributes greatly to build strong immunity and prevents premature aging.

–        Beetroot cleanses the blood and, consequently, is considered useful for anemic persons. Moreover, it enriches the skin with essential nutrients.

–        Grapes comprises of various medical properties. A number of them are listed below:


–        It gives huge respite to the people, experiencing constipation and piles issues

–        It prevents dryness of skin and removes impurities within the blood

–        The grape juice can be utilized as a lotion which can be applied on the wrinkles below the eyes

–        Pineapple juice, full of vitamins A, B, and C, when taken with honey gives relief form sore throat.

–        Tomatoes have iron in good amount. Also, they are high in vitamin A. Hence, it is prescribed for the people who wish to trim down their weight. With good number of antioxidants, it assists to fight cancer.

–        Watermelon enjoys its property to keep your body cool

–        Also, cucumber is known for being able to help shed pounds and also to keep the body cool. In conclusion, cumber is famous for its astringent, cooling properties, and brightening agents of our skin. It is additionally included in natural face packs also.

–        Lemon has property in it to protect heart, assists to control high blood pressure and is among the finest sources for your skin and hair. It may also be used as bleach for the skin. Lemon juice may very well be mixed up with domestic hot water and honey, and may even be used daily. This might be used to have a clear complexion. It is also taken for shedding pounds.

–        Apples help to get relief from problem of constipation. Besides, it cuts down on cholesterol and removes toxins. For face, apple pulp work extremely well as a face pack.

–        Bananas are loaded in vitamins, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, and potassium. For dried-out skin, they’re a very good face pack.




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