Pneumonia Causes and Treatment

March 24, 2010 at 6:25 am 1 comment

Pneumonia can be defines as a lung infection caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. It may be caused because of infection in the lung tissue by micro-organisms. Most of the people with this type of infection have complaint of fever, chest pain, coughing etc.

Pneumonia is caused because of inhalation of tiny living organisms which are spreaded by the infected people. Pneumonia can be easily transferred from one people to other people. The bacteria can be entered through eyes, nose or mouth etc.

Pneumonia happens to the people mostly with very low immunity power. People having low immune power suffer from pneumonia very easily than the people having high immune power.

The beginning symptoms of pneumonia are cold in throat or head. The patient feels shivering fever, high chest pain followed by the coughing problem. The cough may be yellowish or may be white. Body temperature may also rise.

Pneumonia may have serious health complications if not prevented timely. Pleural effusion is the dangerous health complication of Pneumonia. Breathing difficulties may be enhanced. If not prevented or treated in the beginning then it may spread into other parts of body or may be into your blood which leads to serious health problems.

The main causes of Pneumonia are smoking, drinking alcohol, weak immune system because of unhealthy lifestyle, poor health conditions etc.

In the initial stage of Pneumonia, you can treat it at home. Try to take more rest with proper healthy diet and also go with more healthy drinks than eating foods and all that. If health conditions are serious then contact your doctor immediately.


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