Itchy Skin Causes and Treatment

February 15, 2010 at 8:35 am 1 comment

Itchy skin is a health disorder which can cause various health complications like discomfort, infection etc. Itchiness can also cause embarrassment and distraction from the task because of which you are not able to concentrate on your work. Skin itchiness is not a big issue but it cal lead to serious complications after some days if not treated properly.

The problem of skin itching is accomplished by various skin conditions like dry, cracked skin, redness, spots, blisters etc.

There are so many causes of skin itchiness. One of the major cause is dry skin. The skin gets dry mostly in winter season. So itching problem arise mostly in winter season. In winter our skin loses moisture and becomes dry which leads to itchiness.

The other cause of skin itchiness is skin irritants. When your skin comes in contact with these irritants then you suffer from skin itchiness. Skin irritants may include chemicals, soaps, household cleaners etc.

Insect byte also cause itching problem. It may be a small byte or may be a big byte. Because of this one can suffer from serious health complications. Small bytes heal itself. Some insect bytes may cause allergic reactions like byte from bees. Insects may include flies, bees, ants, scorpions etc.

Disorders like eczema can also cause itching problem and may also cause flaking of skin mostly in babies.

Pregnancy can also cause itchiness problem. Mostly pregnant women who have skin problems can suffer from skin itchiness. Hormonal change is the main cause of itching problem in pregnant women.

The best way to prevent this problem is be careful. Try to avoid the places of insects. Try to avoid polluted areas and chemically affected environment. Keep your skin healthy with healthy diet and also with skin creams to avoid itching problem.


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