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Vitamin A Benefits and Sources

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for human body. It is a yellow crystalline compound. It has a group of compounds that play an important role in cell reproduction, vision, bone growth etc. Like all the vitamins Vitamin A plays an important role for the proper functioning of human body.

There are so many benefits of Vitamin A. The best health benefit is that Vitamin A helps us to see better. It makes our vision power very strong. It also keep the cornea moist and protect it from any damage.

Vitamin A is also useful for immune system. It is helpful to maintain our immune system which helps human body to fight against infections and harmful diseases. The people having stronger immune system are getting less infected than the people having weak immune system.

Vitamin A also prevents us from heart problems, lower cholesterol level, stroke etc. It acts as a guard for various infections like parasitic infections.

Vitamin A helps us for the proper growth of teeth, bones. It also prevents our teeth, bones from infections.

Vitamin A is also known as wrinkle eliminator. Vitamin A reduces the lines of your face skin and provide you with healthy skin. It also helps to improve skin conditions like acne.

Harmful effects because of the deficiency Vitamin A are vision problems, infection diseases etc. Vitamin A should be taken in proper amount. High amount of Vitamin A may also be harmful to your body health. .7mg of Vitamin A is sufficient for men and .6mg for women.

The best sources of Vitamin A are plant sources. Some of the best sources are potato, mango, papaya, carrot, peaches etc. Milk products and eggs also have sufficient amount of Vitamin A.

The deficiency of Vitamin A can be seen as: People unable to see in dark, poor growth of child, skin problems in kids etc.

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Arthritis Cuases and Treatment

Arthritis can be defined as joint inflammation. It’s a health  disorder which can affects joints and also other parts of body. Arthritis is a combination of two Greek words which are athron and itis. Athron means joints and itis means inflammation.

Arthritis may lead to very bad health complications. In the initial stages whole body gets involved in it and after some time one or more joints may completely deformed and it may also make the patient handicapped. Mostly this affects joints and bones.

Arthritis can be divided into various types but I am going to divide it into three parts. Redness, swelling, stiffness and pain are the common symptoms of all three types of arthritis.

The first type of arthritis is Rheumatoid Arthritis. This type of arthritis affects toes, knees, wrists, joints etc. This arthritis may deform all body joints.

Second type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. It can affect any joint of your body but mostly this type of arthritis affects feet, spine, hips and knees.

Third type of arthritis is Gout. It affects big toes and lower limbs. It’s very painful. Even you can feel pain from bed sheets and shocks.

Mostly arthritis happens to the people having age group of 40 plus. Women get more affected by this problem than men. Three times more women are suffering from this problem than men.

The major causes of arthritis are over weight, physical stress, imbalanced diet, nutrition deficiency, hormonal changes etc.

There are so many remedies for the treatment of arthritis. I am going to discuss some of the major remedies:

The best home remedy for arthritis is to wrap red flannel around the joint and leave it through the whole night.

A gentle massage with luke warm oil is very effective for relieve.

In the winter season the best home remedy I have ever seen is steam bath and body massage in sunshine. Sunlight is also an energy source for joints in the winter season.

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Itchy Skin Causes and Treatment

Itchy skin is a health disorder which can cause various health complications like discomfort, infection etc. Itchiness can also cause embarrassment and distraction from the task because of which you are not able to concentrate on your work. Skin itchiness is not a big issue but it cal lead to serious complications after some days if not treated properly.

The problem of skin itching is accomplished by various skin conditions like dry, cracked skin, redness, spots, blisters etc.

There are so many causes of skin itchiness. One of the major cause is dry skin. The skin gets dry mostly in winter season. So itching problem arise mostly in winter season. In winter our skin loses moisture and becomes dry which leads to itchiness.

The other cause of skin itchiness is skin irritants. When your skin comes in contact with these irritants then you suffer from skin itchiness. Skin irritants may include chemicals, soaps, household cleaners etc.

Insect byte also cause itching problem. It may be a small byte or may be a big byte. Because of this one can suffer from serious health complications. Small bytes heal itself. Some insect bytes may cause allergic reactions like byte from bees. Insects may include flies, bees, ants, scorpions etc.

Disorders like eczema can also cause itching problem and may also cause flaking of skin mostly in babies.

Pregnancy can also cause itchiness problem. Mostly pregnant women who have skin problems can suffer from skin itchiness. Hormonal change is the main cause of itching problem in pregnant women.

The best way to prevent this problem is be careful. Try to avoid the places of insects. Try to avoid polluted areas and chemically affected environment. Keep your skin healthy with healthy diet and also with skin creams to avoid itching problem.

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Home Remedies to Quit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol regularly is not a good habit. Drinking alcohol in a smaller amount may help your body health as a medicine. Alcohol makes bad effect on your health if it is taken in heavy amount. Every thing in excess is harmful. Most of the people in this world are addicted to drinking alcohol. Mostly people start drinking for enjoyment and later it becomes an addiction. Without drinking alcohol some people are not able to sleep even.

Some of the people are so much addicted that they can’t live without drinking alcohol daily. It’s not easy to quit alcohol once you get addicted of it. I am going to discuss some ways to quit alcohol habit. I hope these tips will be helpful to the guys looking to quit alcohol.

The best way to quit alcohol is to reduce the amount of alcohol in small extent day by day. After about 4-5 months you will be able to get rid of alcohol.

To avoid alcohol try to keep yourself busy with other activities. The best activities in which you can make yourself busy are playing games, playing with your children, talking with your family members etc.

Commitment is must to quit alcohol habit. Be determined for quitting alcohol and you will quit one day definitely.

Try to avoid alcoholic friends at the evening and night. Every one knows it’s not easy to do this. But if you want to quit alcohol then you have to avoid alcoholic friends for some days.

Grapes diet is also very helpful to quit alcohol. Try to take grapes diet on daily basis for better results. It will make your body healthy too.

Orange juice and lemon juice are also found to be best to quit alcohol. You can take one glass of each on daily basis.

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