Facts of Dengue Fever

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Dengue fever can be defined as a health disorder caused by mosquitoes. Dengue fever is a viral disease which is spreaded by mosquitoes from one human to other. People feel this type of fever about 4-5 days of biting of mosquito. It’s not a very old health condition. It come about 4-5 years ago.

This fever is caused when a mosquito carrying dengue virus bites you. Mostly dengue strikes unhealthy people or I want to say people having low immunity power. If your immune system is strong enough then the chances of dengue fever is very less as compare to others.

In the old time dengue was called as “break-bone fever”. Mostly dengue fever happens in rainy seasons. In rainy seasons, there are so many mosquitoes which can cause dengue fever. It’s found in Southeast Asia and China, Australia, India and in South America.

There are so many symptoms of dengue fever. Some of the main symptoms are listed in below paragraphs. I am going to tell symptoms according to the type of dengue fever.

The symptoms of classic dengue fever are high fever up to 104 degrees, vomiting, nausea, pain in joints, rash in whole body etc.

The symptoms of hemorrhagic dengue fever are bleeding from the nose, rash in chest, vomiting, high fever, pain behind the eyes etc.

The symptoms of shock dengue fever are low blood pressure, internal blood leaking, high fever etc.

Dengue fever is easily transferred disease from one person to other person by the mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites a person having dengue fever then virus of dengue comes in to the mosquito. When that mosquito bites another people then that person got infected with dengue and this process goes on.

Prevention of dengue fever is not so much tough. Wearing clothes that cover your whole body is a best way to prevent you from dengue. You can wear these types of clothes after 5pm. Mostly mosquitoes strike after 5 pm.

Try to remain in air conditioned areas and also in screened areas. Because mosquitoes can not reach there. You can also use mosquito  nets while sleeping.

Try to keep your home neat and clean and also clean its surroundings specially during the rainy seasons. Dengue fever mostly happened in rainy seasons. Also you can use sprays to kill mosquitoes.


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    Liked thr article…. I littttttle misspelled words. Like it though. Working on 9th grade school project so thanks. : D

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    what particular hours the mosquitoes strikes to cause dengue fever?


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