Male Injuries

January 13, 2010 at 6:37 am 4 comments

Injuries of the groin and genital area can occur quite easily because neither the scrotum nor the penis are protected by bones. They’re just…there. So they get hit, most likely at a Sunday football game practice, or while playing some other sport. Or at a little wrestling with a younger brother; or some stupid fight at Brain’s Pub on Saturday night. Anyway, your crotch gets hit.

Work-related tasks that involve handling irritating chemicals, hot metal, fire, cutting and sawing tools or any other health-hazardous substance, tool or condition is a potential male genital injury waiting to happen. And the same goes for falls, accidental or not. How many times did a classmate at high school make one someone trip over? Maybe it was you who caused the tripping over! If you have younger or older brothers, you probably wrestled around the house “just for kicks” and ended up hit in the marbles and talking a little squirrelly.

Injuries in the male genital area often cause great pain; however, it usually passes quickly without leaving any permanent damage. These types of injuries are one home treatment away from relief. Yet, more severe injuries that cause you pain, swelling, bruising, or severe rashes might require more professional treatment and are cause for concern.

Highly severe injuries that cause your genital area to break or bleed are without a doubt cause for concern and should receive medical treatment right away. Broken penises, an open scrotum or severely bruised and hit testicles could cause erectile dysfunction and infertility complications you want to avoid. Even when the market offers several treatments like implants, it is important that you carry out more preventive actions than any other.

Men hitting their groins has been turned into a quick laugh technique and the severity of a genital injury is many times overlooked. Bottom line, take care of your jewels. A squeeking man grabbing his junk may seem funny to you; it wouldn’t be if that, my friend, were you.


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