Dandruff,its Symtoms and Treatment

December 14, 2009 at 10:46 am

dandruff treatmentDandruff can be defined as shedding of cells of dead skin in excess from a scalp.It can also be caused because of exposure to more cold and heat.


When the hair is combed or brushed, the scales from the scalp fall :  or when the scalp is scratched, the scales from the scalp fall like snowflakes and settle on the eye brows, shoulders, and clothes Itching problem is there and scalp may become red .

Wrong food intake

Impairment of general health

The main causes of dandruff are impairment of general health which can be caused because of unhealthy diet, wrong foods etc. Emotional tension, harsh shampoos, general exhaustion. Also this disorder can be caused because of  harsh shampoos ,emotional tension, exposure to cold etc.

Home Treatment

Dandruff can be treated at home. Home treatment is the best way to treat this disorder than other treatments. Some home treatments are given below.

Fenugreek Seeds

The most important remedy for the treatment of dandruff is fenugreek seeds. Two tablespoons of these seeds should be soaked overnight in water and ground into a fine paste in the morning. This paste should be applied all over the scalp and left for half an hour. The hair should then be washed thoroughly with soap-nut (ritha) solution or acacia concinna.


The another useful remedy is lime. You can use teaspoon of fresh lime juice while washing your hair. This technique helps in hair glowing and also removes stickiness and prevents hair from dandruff.

Green Gram Powder

Another way for removal of dandruff is green gram powder. The hair should be washed twice a week with two tablespoons of green gram powder by mixing with half a cup of curd.

Snake Gourd

For the treatment of dandruff, juice of snake gourd has been found beneficial. The juice should be rubbed over the scalp to treat dandruff.

Well-balanced diet

The best way to treat dandruff is well balanced diet. Well balanced diet includes healthy food with green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits etc. Try to avoid sugar, white flour, strong tea or coffee, pickles,condiments strong tea/coffee, refined and processed foods.

So keep your hair dandruff free with these tips.


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