Anger-An Enemy Of Health

November 4, 2009 at 7:30 am 1 comment

Anger managementAnger is an enemy of our health. Whatever may be the reason for getting angry but anger is no good for the health. With the help of scientific studies It has been proved through that anger deteriorates the health of the person. Person who feel anger very fast are at high risk of the heart problems, high blood pressure etc.

Some Tips To  Remain Cool

Seeing the light side of the situation will surely help you to avoid getting thing out of hand. Developing the sense of humor is the best way to stay away from the anger. You simply need to develop this quality in yourself and you will feel less angry.

Keep your ego aside. Once you keep your ego aside, you will notice the positive change in your life. Many times a person gets angry when his/her ego is hurt. You simply need to understand that everything doesn’t work as you think.

When you feel angry just deep breath. Taking the deep breaths will help you to calm you down as deep breathing opens up the veins closed in the brain and improves the blood supply. This method has been noted to be very effective to remain cool.

Talk with the person calmly and try to find out the reason of problem between you. This will help the matter to settle down and the problem would be solved permanently.

One of the best skills is to count one to ten calmly in your mind when you are angry. This method has been noted to be very effective in many people. You can also try it and I assure that you will feel relaxed.

Stay away from the people whom you feel angry about. Just neglect them would help you to avoid the anger. Remember that your anger is not going to improve those people; in fact the things will get worse. Just talk commonly with them and try to keep distance from such individuals.

Meditation is one of the best methods to learn self control. If you start practicing meditation regularly then you may certainly notice that within a month you will feel less angry and you would be able to control the anger.

Let the things go and learn to forget, holding a grudge on somebody is surely going to make you angry on that person. For this you need to learn to control your anger and allow the things to pass. This is no way good for your health, so please don’t get angry too often.

Exercising regularly is one of the great methods that help you to calm down. It has been proved through the scientific research that people who exercise don’t get angry very quickly. But, still there are some studies contradictory to it.

So follow these tips and Remain cool as well as healthy.


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  • 1. anger counseling  |  April 12, 2010 at 3:33 am

    We have all seen people who let their anger get out of control.
    managing anger


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