Obesity Leads to Pregnancy Problems in Women

October 24, 2009 at 6:39 am 3 comments

Obesity leads to pregnancy problemsObesity leads to the pregnancy problems in the women. Excessive weight is the major problem of concern in women as it makes them infertile. It has been noted through the various research studies that obese women face the problems in conceiving. The reason behind increasing rate of obesity in the women is due to the unhealthy eating habits (excessive intake of fatty foods) and lack of physical activity. Previously women use to work a lot in the house and thus there weight use to stay in control but, nowadays they have given up the physical household work which is significantly affecting their health adversely rather than benefiting them. The overall health of the woman is deteriorated due to the excessive weight gain, which ultimately puts the impact on the female reproductive system making her infertile or incapable to bore a child.

Fatness is never good for the health and if you want to get pregnant then the first thing would be to control the weight and stay slim and trim. You must not be too fat, but also not too thin. Balance is important part in the life. Maintaining the healthy weight is the need for the good health. So, women must pay a good attention towards their weight in order to avoid obesity as excessive weight gain is the first symptom of the obesity. You need to control your diet in order to stay away from the excessive weight gain. If you are eating uncontrolled diet then you are high risk of suffering with the obesity. Remember that obesity not only reduces your chances of motherhood but makes you look unattractive adversely affecting your professional and social life.

For overcoming the obesity, the first step would be to start the intake of balanced diet in which there should be lesser contents of fats and carbohydrates. Exercise can also help up to a great extent in controlling the weight if you already overweight. Walking daily for about 20 minutes is a superb way to overcome the excessive weight gain. Whichever method you want suits you the best, you can choose it, but please remember to opt for it regularly with hindrances otherwise it may lead to the more weight gain. Obesity can be treated if you keep a good watch on your diet along with the regular exercise regime.

Obesity in the women leads to the deposition of the fats all over the body. This puts the pressure of the fallopian tube in the women. Thus, the sperms fail to reach the ovule and fertilization fails. This is one of the ways how obesity causes infertility in women. Obese women find it difficult to participate in the sexual activity due to their heavy weight. Sexual intercourse is not pleasurable or the male partner finds it difficult to penetrate inside to pass on the sperms successfully. As a result the pregnancy doesn’t occur.

Miscarriage is also noted to be commonly occurring in the obese women. This happens due to excessive pressure put on by the fats in the body over the developing fetus. As a result the fetus stays undeveloped and is thrown out of the body. Obesity certainly creates a lot of pregnancy issues. Even the research studies that included 200 obese women clarified that more than 70% of the obese women were facing the problems in getting pregnant. So, women need to control her weight to stay away from obesity to enjoy the motherhood. Women need to keep them busy, include some physical activity and control her diet in order to control weight gain and obesity.


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