Role of Proteins in Daily Diet

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role of proteins in daily dietProteins are the building blocks. They are essential for the growth and repair of the tissues. Proteins are noting but the combination of amino acids arranged in the chain to perform the particular function in the body. They are organic compounds in nature. Proteins play a very significant role in the daily diet. They are mandatory nutrients in the daily diet. You need to include adequate amount of the proteins in the daily diet to stay healthy. Proteins contain the sequence of amino acids that is found to carry the genetical information from one generation to another. There are total 22 amino acids that are arranged in different sequence in the formation of proteins. Each sequence performs different functions. They participate in each and every process in the cell and perform vital functions in the body.

In daily diet you must include 15 to 20 percent of proteins. You must make your diet such a way that it is rich in protein content. Another advice would be to avoid carbohydrates and fats as they may lead to other health complications. Proteins are the source of the strength in the human body. Whatever you physical structure is today is because of your protein content. The kids who eat adequate amount of the proteins are found to be the healthiest. If you want your kid to have adequate amount of protein then please pay attention towards his diet as they are the most essential nutrients for his proper growth. For this you can follow the below mentioned chart for protein requirement.


Protein requirement in grams per Kilogram

0-6 months


6-12 months


1-3 years


4-6 years


7-10 years


11-14 years


15-18 years


19 + years


Proteins are the must part of the daily diet. They play an important role in developing the immune system of the individual. The production of the antibodies is boosted if you have adequate amount of the proteins in the body. It has been noted the people who eat sufficient amount of the proteins very rarely fall ill. The proper functioning of the organs is dependent on the protein content in the body. Proteins help to repair the body cells and help to overcome the illnesses faster. They act as an abundant energy resource for the person. Proteins also help to maintain the health of the individual at the optimum best.

The role of the protein in daily diet is that of the important constituent that helps body to digest vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats in the diet. Proteins are the elements the influences the sexual health of the individual. The production of the testosterone in the men and progesterone in the women is dependent of the protein levels in the body. Protein helps in development of the better sperm quality. Even women require the more amount of the protein when they are pregnant for the better development of the fetus. The rice sources of proteins are beef, meat, cheese, eggs, milk, cashews, spinach, and fish. Try to include these food items in your daily diet to have a good amount of the proteins.


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