Reduce Cholesterol Levels to Avoid Obesity

September 17, 2009 at 9:37 am

avoid obesityCholesterol levels in the body must be normalized to avoid obesity. It has been noted that increase in the cholesterol levels in the body is the warning sign that you may be suffering with the obesity. Increased cholesterol levels are really very much unhealthy for your overall healthy. The chances of suffering with the obesity are being doubled if the cholesterol levels in the body are increased. In about 90% cases of the heart disorders rise in the cholesterol levels is noted to the cause. Cholesterol levels in the body are increased due to the excessive intake of the fats and carbohydrates that equally contribute in increasing the body weight. Excessive amount of the fats in the body starts putting the negative impact in the body that leads to the obesity. The cholesterol specific obesity is specifically observed in the people above the age of 40.

Obesity is found to be the root cause of various health complications. Whoever suffers with the obesity is also found to be suffering with the other health complications also. Obesity is being linked with diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problems. Obesity may also result in the sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction, scarcity of mature sperms, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count. In simple words obesity makes the man infertile. Even in women obesity creates the problems in the pregnancy. This happens because the ovulation mechanism is disturbed due to the excessive weight. If the cholesterol levels are high in the women they are high risk of miscarriage.

Cholesterol levels in the body are increased only when the person eats lots of fats, specifically the oily food items. The maximum percentage of the cholesterol is found in the non-vegetarian food items. They are the rich source of cholesterol that damages the overall body functions. Anything in excess is not good for the health and same is the case with the cholesterol. Excessive amount of the cholesterol results in making the person obese and deteriorates his entire health status. The problem with that of the cholesterol is it starts putting the negative impact on your health as the time passes. So, you need to control the cholesterol levels in the body to stay healthy.

To stay fit, fine, and healthy you must take your fitness seriously. If you allow your cholesterol levels to grow abundantly then you may fail to maintain your health. Within few days you will start suffering with the obesity. You will even not notice the side effects, but after year or two you would be the obese person. Cholesterol firstly starts by getting accumulated around the heart ventricles that disturb the blood supply to the heart thus giving rise to various heart defects. Once your cholesterol levels start to go to the danger levels you will start noticing the symptoms like early tiredness, depression, sleep problems, etc.

Maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body at normal range is the best way to avoid obesity. In many cases excessive fat levels in the body with increase cholesterol levels contribute the obesity in the people. The obesity due to the cholesterol levels in mostly observed in the people after the age of 40 years. This is because the metabolism rate in the body is being decreased due to which more body fats gets accumulated in the body that results in the increase cholesterol levels. As a result of this the person gains a lot of weight and suffers with the obesity. Cholesterol levels can be controlled by avoiding the fatty food items and increasing the physical activity. These two things in combination will certainly help you to lower cholesterol intake and allow you to stay away from obesity.


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